Sweet Autumn

(Autumn;) tears fall bitter
from stone-cold aquamarine eyes
where the pain shows from her torn
soul to her shattered heart;

(one auburn leaf falls slowly
to the earth;) a tear flows down
her cheek to carve a path,
it cuts alone 'till swallowed
bye her soft auburn hair;

(the wind tosses a last leaf
into turmoil as it plummets;)
her tears no longer fall as a fire
swells and bursts in her gaze
then dies with a lightning toss
of her auburn locks;

(the trees now bare, their leaves
are piled high like fortress walls;)
her face void of emotion, she turns
and builds a wall to salvage her pride;

(walls are built only to be torched
to the ground and built again.)
she walks away from his words
no longer able to bear their implications,
they tear at the mind like knives.
Ah, sweet Autumn, why'd he hurt you so?

C.F.Morley III

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