This is a special page for me, not only because I love poetry,
but because the poems on these pages are either mine or from friends of mine.
Poetry is an expression of the heart, the mind and the soul...sometimes uplifting,
sometimes tragic...and sometimes clever.

There are only a few here now, but I have promises for more...I hope you'll
check back to read new ones as I get them.

You will notice that with some of the poems I will include the author, but with
others I don't....if the author is not mentioned it is because they have asked
to remain anonymous....I will respect their wishes....but if you would like to
comment on a certain poem, you can email me and I'll be sure the author gets
your message.

You Are My World
Sweet Autumn
No White Horses
Night-time Villanelle
You Are My Wings
Summer Breeze

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